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The masq 2 face shield

Second generation of our vacuum molded face shield for professional use. The masq 2 is simple to use and comfortable to wear. It provides airborne aerosol protection from all sides and ensures crystal clear vision.

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A perfect fit for everyone

We designed the masq for all faces: small or large, wide or narrow, with glasses or without. The masq adapts to your head shape using the integrated ribs, which easily flex around your forehead.

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Certified protection 

The shield provides airborne aerosol protection from all directions without compromising vision. Masq 2 is certified as Personal Protective Equipment – Category II, bearing the CE mark.


No fogging

The three integrated rib vents ensure vapor can escape easily, making the masq mist-free during regular use.


Ready to ship

The masq 2 production facility is based in the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe. And since the production is easily scalable, we are ready to supply any order size.

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Clear view

The flattened visor provides unmatched clarity of vision. You can even wear larger eyewear without any hassle.

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Easily customizable

You can easily customise your mask with just a pair of scissors. You can shorten the shield or combine it with a larger respirator.


Shorten the shield


Combine the shield with a large respirator


Customize the design

Simple to use

Just hook up the elastic band at the masq anchor points. That's it! Size is easily adjustable.


Easy to recycle

The shield is made from widely recyclable PET. The elastic band can be reused with multiple shields.


Perfect shipping & storage

We designed the masq 2 with shipping and storage in mind as it is fully stackable. A pack of 100 takes up the same space as a box of regular office paper. This saves on shipping costs and protects the environment. The shields are now packed with a scratch protection.


Who's behind the masq

masq 2 is a joint TRILAB and FENDRYCH DESIGN project. This is the evolution of our previous masq face shield.

For international supply, please request a quote on info@masq.cz or use the form below. Thank you!

TRILAB Safety s.r.o.
Prikop 843/4
602 00 Brno
Czechia, Europe

Company ID: 03021904
VAT: CZ03021904

Our company is registered in the Commercial Register of the Regional Court in Brno, section C, file 83347.

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